when life is sweet, say thank you and celebrate. when life is bitter, say thank you and grow.


• your now is not your forever •


share with others:

• your worries

• your setbacks

• your memories

• your failures

• your successes

• your fears

• your stressors

and realise that each one of us experiences these in a unique way. you are never alone in what you may be feeling.


7 tips

  1. write a list of all the things that worry you regarding the trip. next to each one, write down ways that these anxieties can be overcome.
  2. find your comfort zone. do you prefer to travel alone? or would the presence of others reassure you?
  3. write a list of everything that excites you about travel.
  4. accept your feelings. forgive yourself for feeling uneasy. understand that how you feel is valid, and with this in mind, try not to feed into it.
  5. get plenty of sleep. balance your body and prepare yourself by ensuring you are well rested.
  6. read up, create a plan. reading into the location to which you are travelling can prepare you for anything unexpected. creating a plan or schedule will often make you feel more at ease, and will avoid you feeling overwhelmed.
  7. utilise coping methods. these could be breathing techniques or methods of distraction. an idea: if you start to panic, count the number of trees in your surrounding area, or, if you are amongst people, try to guess their ages or even their names.

listen to your body and trust what it tells you. your gut is nearly always right.

if something feels wrong or it makes you feel unbalanced, it probably is wrong, and it’s okay to take a step back.